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Paul Wood

Paul Wood is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is primarily interested in Landscape, Wildlife and Nature photography, but has been known to point his camera at the human side of the world from time to time.

Paul has over 15 years experience as a photographer and is always doing what he can to refine his craft. He loves everything photography related and will happily spend hours out in the field, behind a computer or simply having a conversation about photography.

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Grey Fantail


Jumping Ant

Insects & Spiders

Canberra Sunset

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Barron Falls | Queensland, Australia

Barron Falls


Words by Paul

I like to showcase the beauty of the things in nature that people don’t usually notice. From tiny creatures to grand vistas, I find the natural world fascinating and I love bringing that to people through my photography.

Paul Wood

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Perry Harvey Jetty | Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

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